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After-sales service and warranty commitment 

We have been committed to suppliers of temperature and humidity solutions in various regions of the country to provide users with high-quality and timely pre-sale, sale, and after-sales service:

I. Quality Assurance

    Our company guarantees that the equipment provided to the purchaser is produced by the original factory and the accessories are complete. In order to maintain the normal operation and maintenance of the contract equipment, our company guarantees that the technical information and drawings provided are complete, clear and correct.

Second, quality assurance measures

1. The company has an independent after-sales service department, which is mainly responsible for after-sales service work and technical consultation. It guarantees that engineers will provide various technical services at any time.

2. 24-hour online service. You can call the technical consultation phone at 150-1288-8993 at any time within 24 hours. Provide technical services 24 hours a day.

3. The company has spare parts for various moisture-proof equipment parts all the year round. If the problem cannot be solved within 24 hours, we will provide spare parts for free.

4. On the 10th day of each month, our technicians will conduct regular telephone return visits.

5. Visits from time to time. Our technical engineers will visit from time to time to solve customer problems.

Third, after-sales service commitment

1. Malfunction under normal use conditions, and enjoy six-year warranty service from the date of purchase.

2. Those who belong to natural consumables are not included in the scope of warranty service.

3. If any of the following situations occurs, the service fee shall be charged even if it is changed within the scope of the warranty service.

  1. Damage or malfunction caused by improper use or natural disasters, floods, climate, lightning strikes, pests and rodents.

  2. Damage or malfunction caused by self-repair, modification, or improper movement, transportation, or dropping.

  3. The cause of the failure occurred outside the body. (Such as plugged in wrong power)

  4. If replacement parts are required beyond the warranty period, charges will be charged in accordance with the company's service parts warranty price list. If there are no identical parts that can be replaced, the company can take care of the replacement of the currently produced commodity parts.

  5. When the customer needs service, please send the product to the company by yourself, and show the warranty to the service personnel.



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